…on second thought, with many months to go before these episodes air, maybe reading detailed spoilers about Shawn’s role in Girl Meets World wasn’t my brightest idea ever.

My heart hurts already :( but it’s gonna be so good!


so excited to cosplay the cheat. hopefully I get recognized (=u=)

Aaah, have fun! I can tell you from my Otakon experience that today’s anime crowd doesn’t know Homestar quite so much as you’d think, but the few that do? They will love you. My Strong Bad plushie reduced someone to incoherent squeals.


sneak preview of discovery channel’s latest documentary:


AdventuresOfComicBookGirl’s Takedown of the Nostalgia Critic’s Sailor Moon Review



A handy dandy masterpost for easy access.  Use it to educate those who don’t appreciate Sailor Moon.

How Dare Usagi Not Be Perfect?

Missing the Point of Friendship

The Opening

The Epic Mystery of Sailor V’s Identity

Sailor Moon Discusses Sexuality

Down with Sexual Discrimination

The Magic of Character Development


I Summarize an Episode

Sailor Jupiter Appreciation Edition (plus some Tuxedo Mask)

All of the Backpedaling

ohhey! this is handy! Thanks!


Final Fantasy 7 ink doodles I did when my older sister decided to try her hand at the game (and loved it!)

What’s that? 
This is who I am inside.  It’s the part of me your father fell in love with a long time ago.

I’m up all night in pain from con crud, so I’m gonna have to cut my Otakon short. Urrrgl.

At least I made it to yesterday’s Sailor Moon events before getting sick?

Aug 7

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Aug 4

I wish the world was just me and you. Then it is.


Vintage Disney Attraction Poster Icons

feel free to use!